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These are often called "vanity pages" because they are usually nothing more than glorified advertisements about….one's self!
In fact a personal web site can actually be much more than that.
Post your photos - family, wedding, pets, or your latest holiday. With a color scanner or a digital camera, your personal web site can turn into a virtual photo album. You can then share them with distant friends and relatives. If you're really ambitious and time and money permit it, even clips of your home videos can be put on your web site simply and inexpensively.
Where we can help
Web Site Hosting
Most Internet Service Providers provide web site hosting space with your internet access. If not we can find cheap hosting for you. In either case you will need to know how to load your material onto this space.
Web Site Design
The same hosting service or ISP may provide free tools and templates to get you started. We can show you how to use these tools and then spice them up to suit your personal preferances
Your web site will almost certainly have phtographs. We will how you how to prepare your images and place them on the website.
You may like, especially on a hobby website, to have a guestbook where visitors can add comments. This is where a community begins.
You may like to provide links to the websites of other community members
We will advise you on ensuring that your web site won't hurt or bother anyone and most important it won't cause your problems
Your website is of little use if no-one can see it. We will helpyou register your site with the major search engines.
Share your hobby, interest or profession. If you are passionately interested in vintage fire engines start a web site about them and soon you will be part of a worldwide community that shares you passion. It's also your chance to become a global expert in your field! People who have the same interests as you are always looking for tips and information.
Keep in touch with family and friends -- A personal newsletter-type web site can let relatives and friends know what you're up to. Whether you talk about your latest career ventures, or about your children's antics, you can document the goings-on in your life and keep close ties with distant relatives and friends.
On-line CV. Your personal web site can be laid out to look exactly like a professional resume. Potential employers can point their browser to your web site and read all they want to read about you and your professional qualifications and experience. This is a unique way to get an employer's attention.
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