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Thank you for visiting Your Debt Decisions, the UK's leading advisors on debt management, whatever your circumstances, we can help. Put simply, this means that if you are in debt, through our debt management plans and IVA programmes, you can reduce your debt and even become debt free in just 60 months or less.  
Debt Management
A debt management plan is an agreed solution with your lenders and we negotiate with your creditors to:
  • freeze or reduce your interest
  • reduce your monthly bills
An IVA is a formal arrangement with your creditors and once agreed your creditors cannot ask for your agreement to be changed. An IVA:
  • freezes or reduces your interest;
  • legal protection from your creditors;
  • reduces your amount of debt;
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Secured Loan
A consolidation loan is a way to wrap up all of your credit into one manageable monthly payment. A secured loan:
  • Can reduce your payments by up to 50%;
  • Can be spread over as much as 25 years;
  • Can be arranged within 2 weeks;
Bankruptcy is when you legally declare that you cannot pay your debts and a court order is put in place to split your assets amongst your creditors. Bankruptcy:
  • Frees you from debts for a fresh start;
  • Shares out assets fairly amongst your creditors;
  • Bankruptcy order is usually completed after 12 months;
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