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IT is always a problem requiring money to be spent on fixing it.
You are always in technology catch-up mode and paying for more power , etc
Your business can't do without IT but you can't clearly see the benefits
IT takes an inordinately large amount of your time
You have spent a lot of money on IT but can't see the benefits that were promised.
You are uneasy with your IT costs, but are afraid to meddle for fear of disturbing something vital.

If even one of these applies to you we can probably reduce your I.T. costs and do it without harming your business. The savings go directly onto your bottom line.

Saving keyboard
  The best way to demonstrate this is with a real example of what we have achieved elsewhere.  
  These are the before and after figures of a medium sized manufacturing company in this area.  
Annual Costs before
One off costs
Annual Costs after
Networking and email costs
Anti Virus Protection
Logistics and Finance package
Disaster recovery
Included in support service
Server consolidation
Landline telecoms
External Mobile telecoms
Telephone switch
Internal cordless phones
Outsourced Support services
3rd party ad-hoc support
Repairs, software development, etc.
IT Staff
3 fulltime reduced to 1 part time
  Ħħ1.5% of revenue.  
  How we achieved these savings.  
  Conventional methods were used to analyse I.T. expenditure, aggressively negotiate lower prices with suppliers and take out unnecessary cost.  
  However, the real difference we were able to provide was to change perceptions about what I.T. provided and how it was used. As a result, we reduced the amount of I.T. hardware, software and services required with their associated cost savings.  
  We also broke out of the "latest and greatest" circle of IT buying and targeted spend at where the business needed it most and at the correct level to suit those business needs.  
  If you would like to discuss whether your business could benefit from similar I.T. cost savings please feel free to ring me on 01733 212137 or email  
  These savings were implemented over a period of 3 years  
  The company is in the manufacturing sector with c180 employees  
  The percentage savings are not necessarily scaleable to smaller organisations. However, in these organisations the percentage of revenue spent on IT tends to be higher so the effect on profits can still be significant.  
  During this time the number of end-user p.c.s reduced from 123 to 102. 16 older p.c.s were replaced with new machines. The costs of acquisition and the savings in maintenance and user productivity associated with these are not included above.  
  During this time the number of printers was reduced from 34 to 21 by installing shared, networked printers. The costs of acquisition and savings in maintenance and consumables associated with these are not included above.  
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