Alpha Corporate Bonds

Everett James is offering the chance for clients to participate in a global growth industry with income of 8.25% per year for the minimum investment. This investment has the security backing of bricks and mortar assets- serviced offices and business centres.


The investment is in serviced office providers- Alpha Business Centres. The focus is on emerging markets and fast growth regions of the world, where blue chip companies and multi-nationals are planning to expand.

This is the fourth Corporate Bond in succession from the ABC team following previous successes. The ABC Corporate Bond will be available until a maximum of £4m has been raised, so the offer is limited.

ABC is the fastest growing serviced office operator in the sector. Thanks to excellent regional knowledge, extensive partner relationships and government support the group is able to capitalise key growth market regions.


A corporate bond is available to be purchased for a limited time and to select investors.

  • Minimum Investment: £10,000
  • Quarterly Interest Payment: equal to 8.25% per annum. Option to receive this is cash or roll-up income to achieve better overall returns.
  • 3 or 4 Year Term:: Investors can exit the investment to recover capital after three or four years.
  • 4 Year Bonus:: By placing the investment for the full four year period investors will receive an additional 2.95% bonus payment. The bonus will still be paid if Alpha Business Centres decides to repay the bond early.



This investment is backed by property assets which are independently valued at a minimum of 100% of the value of the bond and controlled by a security trustee.

Crucially, the issue of the bond and the associated IM is verified by The Pension Consultancy Limited and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for this purpose.