The Quantum Managed FX Fund

This is an opportunity for Everett James clients to invest in a fund that is based and regulated in Ireland. The current Portfolio Manager of this fund is LNG Capital LLP in London which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


The fund will mainly invest in currencies of the world's manjor economies (G10) as well as other select currencies. It will also invest in highly liquid, short term investments including bank deposits and investment grade bonds.

The primary investment objective of the Fund is to achieve capital growth through the global foreign exchange market.


The Portfolio Manager uses a systematic trading programme that employs "trend detection" and breakout strategies across 30 global currency pairs in G10 and in developed emerging markets.The programme also has a sophisticated risk management system. Risk is monitored on a daily basis.


There are exit penalties if investors leave in the first five years, starting at 5% in Year One and failling by 1% for each year thereafter.


Charges: 100% Allocation - no initial charge

Exit penalties: 5% Year One, 4% Year Two, 3% Year Three, 2%Year Four, 1% Year Five

Annual Management fee: 2%

Performance Fee: 20% (with high watermark)

Liquidity: Daily