German Listed Buildings

This is an asset backed investment that offers Everett James clients a fixed interest payment. Your investment woks as a loan with a legally binding contract between you and Dolphin Capital GmbH.


The money you lend to Dolphin Capital Gmbh (your investment) is used to fund German Listed Buildings.

These are carefully sourced, derelict buildings that require care and renovation. This sort of development is being encouraged by the German government in the form of a unique tax break.

These apartments are sold off plan.


This investment is asset backed and thoroughly secured. No German listed building project purchase is completed unless a Bank Mortgage is approved for the end German buyers.

Development funds are released by German banks on a phased basis. This means the agreed interest payments can go to the investors.


Returns: Fixed returns in excess of 10% per annum

Term: Five year term

Exit: No early exit permitted

Security: First ranking legal charge on German Listed Buildings.

Charges: No initial or annual charges